ATAG Virtual offers a series of remote team activities which are fun and unique with a goal of maximizing employee happiness, engagement and retention.

As we all know, communication is one of the crucial key we see in a hierarchy. Each team works as a body, from the head to the toe, everyone must be clear to execute what they are supposed to do! With that said, communication is the key to collaborate. You know what they say, "Teamwork makes the dream work!"

Through virtually connecting with one another out of the office, it also helps the team to continue build the bond despite the places and hindrance they face in their daily lives! To actively engage with one another and most importantly, IT'S FUN! 

virtual games

Online Office Games

Remote workers or friends groups will experience equal parts of friendship creating and skill building! You and your team will form team, craft slogans, then compete in

1. Trivia quiz 

2. Virtual scavenger hunt,

3. Pixel-art

4. Virtual escape room

5. Group Dance

6. Mural hunt and many more

Establishing a collaborative environment is just the beginning of a more successful venture. Online Office Game gives them an open, fun space to release their creative side, and at the same time instill entrepreneurial spirit within the team!

  • 90 miutes - 2 - 3 Online Office Games

  • Minimum 10 pax to start

  • Up to 200 pax per session

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Virtual Escape Room (1).png


You are locked in a room with friends/family for one hour. Odds are you are going to have to speak to each other if you want to stand a chance!

Your team has to work together to solve all of the puzzles and exit the room. In order to do this, you will have to effectively communicate every single detail of the room. You will also need to listen to other players. This brings forth the opportunity to see the value in contributions from others. When you’re finished (whether you escape or not) you will be able to transfer these experiences to your everyday life and you will find it easier to communicate in general.

  • 1 hour per Escape Room

  • Minimum 10 pax to start

  • Up to 200 pax per session

online workout


HIIT workouts generally combine short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise. Literally the best way to get in shape with your fellow comrades at work.

  •  What will you need:

        1. Yoga Mat 

        2. Sports Attire

  • Strong Nation Certified Instructor

  • 50 Minutes of high intensity interval bodyweight resistance training

  • Minimum 10 pax to start 

  • Up to 50 pax per session


A great online yoga class should feel like bringing the studio to your own home. No prior experience is needed, our friendly instructor will provide step-by-step guidance throughout the session!

  •  What will you need:

        1. Yoga Mat 

        2. Sports Attire

  • 1 Hour Yoga Session

  • Minimum 10 pax to start 

  • Up to 50 pax per session

Virtual ZUmba (2).png


Are you ready to party yourself into shape? Ditch the workout & join the party! If you enjoy high energy music and likes to dance, let us help you MOVE, SWEAT and stay SOCIAL! Even at home!

  •  What will you need:

        1. Sports Attire

  • 1 Hour Zumba Party

  • Zumba, Zumba Kids Certified Instructor

  • Minimum 10 pax to start 

  • Up to 50 pax per session

online creative workshop


A great way to de-stress and channel negative thoughts from our overwhelming day-to-day work life Pick up a blank canvas and fill it with all the wonders you could imagine and you would be proud to display the masterpiece at home.

  •  What will you need:

        - Art Jamming Home Kit which will be delivered to your doorfront

        - 2 weeks bookings in advance to ensure smooth delivery

  • 2 Hour Art Jamming Online Live Tutorial

  • Minimum 10 pax to start 

  • Up to 50 pax per session


Bring a slice of nature into your home. Brighten up your day with some Green Space! Our kits are disigned to make it easy for people to invite some greenery and a touch of nature into your home or work space. They only need to be watered every month!

  •  What will you need:

       - Terrarium Home Kit which will be delivered to your doorfront

       - 2 weeks bookings in advance to ensure smooth delivery

  • 1 Hour Terrarium Online Live Tutorial

  • Minimum 10 pax to start 

  • Up to 50 pax per session



Create your signature scent from a variety of essential oils and other natural ingredients. In this workshop, you will learn how to make soaps and perfumes from scratch and discover the benefits of aromatherapy. 

  •  What will you need:

       - Soap & Perfume Home Kit which will be delivered to your doorfront

       - 2 weeks bookings in advance to ensure smooth delivery

  • 1.5 Hour Soap & Perfume Making Online Live Tutorial

  • Minimum 10 pax to start 

  • Up to 50 pax per session


Join the infectious rhythms of samba, transforming a group of individuals into a giant percussion band. If you are trying to achieve a sense of unity in among your team, this is the activity for you. Unleash the collective bests from your team! 

  •  What will you need:

        - All you need is a bucket to drum with us happily! :)


  • 1 Hour Online Live Tutorial @RM20/pax

  • Minimum 10 pax to start 

  • Up to 50 pax per session

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-11 at 11.44.51 AM



Mindfulness Meditation - Energy & Stress Management - Overcoming Anxiety - Conquering Fear

Maintaining A Positive Mindset - Staying Productive At Home - Building Inner Resilience

Experiential learning:

Participants engage in the experience and then reflect on the experience to facilitate development and transformation. Learning is through the combination of doing and experiencing and reflecting on the experience.

Creative Visualization Tools:

This core technique is used by the world’s most successful people, athletes and peak performers in business too.

Mindfulness Exercises:

We use mindfulness meditation as it has been scientifically proven to have many benefits. It helps with personal and mental health and social relationships.

  • 1.5 hour 

  • Minimum 10 pax to start

  • Up to 50 pax per session



● How to manage a remote team effectively via viral leadership?
● Active monitoring of relationships to ensure business delivery
● How to create a fun environment even when everyone is working from home

  • 3 hours @ RM3,000 / USD 750

  • Minimum 10 pax to start

  • Up to 25 pax per session

Education, Qualifications & Certifications:

  • CPCC (Co-Active Professional Certified Coach) 

  • ACC (Accredited Certified Coach, International Coach Federation) 

  • Co-Active Leadership programme (10 month development programme involving four 6-day retreats as well as weekly developmental webinars)- completion August 2020

  • Nautilus Experience: ten-day team coaching programme on board sailing clipper(August 2019) 

  • Lean practitioner, Shell Internal Programme (2012) 

  • BA (Hons) Modern Languages, University of Westminster (1997)

Bruce is a trained Co-Active © coach with more than 20 years’ corporate experience in Europe, North America and Asia. Bruce coaches executives in Malaysia, UK, Denmark, Canada and the US. He uses Co-Active © coaching model to help leaders to be their best selves; the model focuses on coaching the person regardless of their environment or the focus area of coaching. 

As a leadership development consultant, Bruce builds on experience gained working for the Shell International Petroleum Company in leadership development (Bruce delivered Shell’s internal leadership programme as business faculty), change management and organization design as well as roles leading large communities (100+) across international teams. Bruce is able to coach leaders how to balance leadership with transformational coaching having led large organisations himself and had to balance directional leadership and capacity building. 


Work From Home Productive Package  

  • Customized sessions between Online Office Games, Murder Mystery & Viral Leadership Training

  • 1 session per month, 4 hours per session @ RM 3,500 / USD 875

  • 2 sessions per month, 4 hours per session @ RM 6,500 / USD 1,625  

  • Capacity per session: 25 pax

Work From Home Health & Wellness Package  

  • Customized sessions between Zumba, HIIT Workout, Yoga

  • 4 times per month @ RM 100 / USD 25 per person 

  • 8 times per month @ RM 150 / USD 38 per person 

  • Capacity per session: 50 pax

Work From Home Creative Package  

  • Customized sessions between Art Jamming, Terrarium, Soap & Perfume Making

  • 3 virtual creative sessions @ RM 300 per person

  • 1 x Art Jamming Home Kit, 1 x Terrarium Home Kit, 1 x Soap & Perfume Making Home Kit

  • Capacity per session: 50 pax 

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