Inside Out

Online Platforms (Zoom / Google Meet / MS Teams)


Inside Out is presented as a lighthearted competitive team challenge-based game full of interaction and fun banter. The game is built around three categories of holistic quest involving the body, mind and soul. The team element further optimizes the engagement and encourages the participant to do their best to attain the objective of team wellness.



  • Planning
    In a team-building game, every member of staff has to contribute otherwise. Proper planning has proven to speed up the success rate and efficiency of completing tasks regardless its small or big tasks.
  • Improving communication
    This exercise encourages staff to communicate with each other to complete tasks and solve problems. By putting people in a fun and relaxing environment outside the workplace, they will be encouraged to relax, be themselves and open up to others.
  • Creativity and fun is encouraged
    1.  Encouraging the workforce to be creative and use their initiative can have amazing effects on an organisation as staff will feel trusted to think outside the box, challenge the status quo and find solutions to potential problems.
    2. This activity is a great way for staff to see another side of their colleagues that they may not normally see at work.
    3. Creating a usable item from scratch with one’s own hands can assist in relieving stress and allows staff to return to work with increased productivity and motivation
  • Greater task delegation skills
    Employees must identify strengths amongst themselves, delegate tasks and communicate effectively to find solutions to the puzzles

What you'll need

  • PC / Laptop
    A device with a webcam capable of accessing the Google Sheets/Excel website used
  • High-quality Headset Webcam
    Most laptops now include these. Headsets and microphones are recommended to prevent background noise and echoes and ensure adequate volume. Mic and webcam are required to turn on to maximize participation. Joining via phone is possible; however, it is not recommended.
  • Connection Checks
    Minimum suggested internet speeds are 20 Mbps/download and 10mbps/upload.
  • Professional Background
    Present yourself in front of a professional environment free of distractions, with adequate foreground lighting and minimal background lightning to ensure faces are visible on camera
  • Business Casual Attire
    Dress appropriately for the session, as you would for an in-person session.
  • Webcam Zoom
    You’ll want to ideally be projecting your face and upper body on screen.
  • "Can You Hear Me?"
    All participants are encouraged to be online 10 minutes before soundcheck. Participants are required to rename themselves to their names upon joining the session.


From RM55 /person
From USD30 /person
90 minutes
 - 500 participants