Extreme Fun

Nerf War

PJ Palm Sport Center


Age limits are just a suggestion

Whether you're planning an event for your colleagues or your kids, our nerf guns don't discriminate! We have over 30 guns of various types for you to arm yourself for combat.

Add-ons Available:

  • Photo Souvenir
  • Custom t-shirt
  • Catering
  • Corporate Gifts

Can't come to us? We'll go to you! Just describe your venue and send us some photos to evaluate the space based on safety features.

What you'll need

  • Sport Attire
    For comfort and safety purposes. We will provide some needed safety accessories.
  • Sport Shoes
    You will be running around a specific area, protect yourself with a comfortable sports shoe!
  • Early Arrival
    Players must arrive 15 minutes before the booked time for orientation. During this time, we will collect signed waivers, go through safety rules, teach shooting forms/techniques, and give you time to practice.
  • Contact Lens (optional)
    Its always good to wear contact lens for any sports to prevent injury.


RM 150 / person (weekday)

RM 180 / person (weekend)

60 minutes
 - 50 participants