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Squid Game Telematch

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"mugunghwa kkoch-i pieossseubnida"

Sound familiar? That's right, it's squuuuuiiiid game! We present to you our Squid Game Telematch that aims to let you experience the intensity of the TV series and bring back your childhood memories!

Squid Game Telematch is a Telematch that is suitable for adults and kids inspired by the famous Netflix TV series, squid game.

Losers are eliminated by getting killed! Fret not, we had modified the rules to increase the participation and intensity of all participants. We can ensure that you will be safe with us 😁😁😁

Prepare yourself, get invited. You could be the next 456!

What you'll need

  • Sport Attire and extra clothing
    For comfort and safety purposes. We will provide some needed safety accessories.
  • Sport Shoes
    You will be running around a specific area, protect yourself with a comfortable sports shoe!
  • Early Arrival
    Players must arrive 15 minutes before the booked time for orientation. During this time, we will collect signed waivers, go through safety rules, teach shooting forms/techniques, and give you time to practice.
  • Contact Lens (optional)
    Its always good to wear contact lens for any sports to prevent injury.


RM 150 / person (weekday)

RM 180 / person (weekend)

120 minutes
 - 50 participants