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What should I do if I have MORE participants who will turn up than expected last minute?

You can add as many participants as you’d like, even at the last minute! If you can give us a heads up at least an hour or two before the activity starts, then we’ll also be able to add more Hosts to cater to your larger group. We have over 50 Hosts, so this is no problem for us!

What is the maximum group size you can host?

The largest group we’ve ever hosted was 1,000 participants! If your group falls under that, then it will be no problem for us to host you. If your group is larger than that, reach out to us over phone or email. There may be some technical limitations with the mainstream video conferencing tool that we’ll need to work around, i.e. hosting 1,000 participants in a few batches or few different links.

What video conferencing tool do you support?

We support Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex by Cisco. Don’t use one of those platforms? No problem. If we can download it and it has breakout rooms, we can use it.

Can I join the virtual activities on mobile device?

We recommend you to join the activity from a computer browser for the best experience. Our activities incorporate a number of games and puzzles that are best played and viewed from a computer.

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