Be Authentic and Fearless, pick up an Extreme Sport

You crouch down behind the bunker as you hastily reload an arrow onto your bow. The target is just right there. The screen of your head mask is fogged with your breath, but you can faintly make out the image of your enemy being too occupied with his team’s offense, still unaware that he has been made a target. You feel your heart pound vigorously and you take a deep breath. Without missing a beat, you stand up and take a clear shot at him. The marshal calls it.

Intense moments like this, though short-lived, bring out your most authentic and fearless-self. Extreme sports like archery tag can increase adrenaline rush and build character. They are also linked to promote positive metal and physical health.

Most importantly, extreme sports teach you important lessons that can be applied to your daily challenges. We are familiar seeing someone with a wide-eyed, stunt expression when they are faced with a fight-or-fight situation. At that split second, you are left with no façade to hide behind. You are forced to unleash your inner power and face your opponent with great courage. Here, potentials are fully harnessed and boundaries are pushed. You will find yourself being fully accountable for your decisions, and doing extraordinary things that you could never have imagined.

In fact, extreme sports can be addicting, hence the emergence of the phrase “adrenaline-junkie”. The days of getting cooped up in the suffocating indoor gym to lift weighs, or running on the repetitive program on the treadmill are long gone. People are starting to seek gratification from the thrill of sports, rather than sticking to the same old work out routine. Therefore, extreme sports have become more popular than ever, drawing participants of all ages.

So, try spicing up your work out routine by taking up an extreme sport with a bunch of friends. Not only it will work you up a good sweat, it will help you embrace authenticity and fearlessness.

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