Dodge balls, not responsiblities

Dodgeball is one of the few sports that has been popularize in American shows, but what do you know about this intimidating sport? Dodgeball actually brings tremendous health benefits, a great way for you to stay healthy and fit!

Dodgeball is a great anaerobic exercise

Dodgeball is all about agility; players have to move in intervals for a short period of time. These bursts of sprinting and dodging enhance your cardiovascular heath and decrease your pulse rate overtime.

Dodgeball improves strength training

Dodgeball is not all about dodging, but attacking too. Players have to throw balls at a moderate distance and at high speed to hit their opponent. This trains their shoulders, back, abs and arms muscles and their endurance.

Dodgeball relieves stress

Like any sports, dodgeball is a great stress reliever, especially when you are picturing yourself hurling off weight you have been carrying on your shoulders. This is the to-go sport to enhance your mood and stay active.

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