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The benefits of extreme fun team building activity are endless. Finally we are moving away from dull team building sessions to activities that will keep you on your feet. Extreme sports are great for your health and they increase adrenaline, which poses improvement for your mental health.  Therefore, they are becoming more popular among corporate companies in Malaysia. Here are some tips for you when you are in an extreme fun session: 

1) Stay focused and manage stress

Extreme sports are thrilling, and even dangerous. Fear and panic and inhibit your performance. The trick is to change the way you perceive the environment, knowing that being calm and alert is the best way to cope with risky scenarios. By practicing this, you will learn how to cope with stress at work more easily. 

2) Warm up

Your body functions like a machine, so you need to warm up before any vigorous movements. Lunging to dodge a hit can put a strain on any part of your body. Stretching warms your muscles and makes them easy to move. The concept of warming up can be applied to the workplace as well. Before any major projects, it is always good to start with small, familiar tasks as a warm up. That way, your mental and physical preparation would be on point. 

3) Make use of different muscles 

Depending on your move, you will use different muscles to execute the action. Although your muscles move while you carry out daily tasks, you only get to use the same sets of muscles. You would surprised to feel sore on your forearm after a day of playing Archery Tag. Sore at first, but it will make your stronger! It’s the same with work. Once in awhile, it is good to explore new areas and take on an unusual project at work. This way, you will develop yourself to be an all-rounded person. 

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4) Socialise

Aren’t you curious to know how your colleagues are like outside of work? Unlocking this information can be really rewarding. You get to know each other better than ever before. Furthermore, your team would be sharing a common experience having to go through an extreme fun session. Team-bonding and stronger trust highly increase work productivity in the office. Therefore, extreme fun activities are ideal for team-building sessions. 

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