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Team building is an investment – an important one

Employees are the most valuable assets in the company. Unlike tangible assets that you can easily trade, the loyalty and dedication of your employees are not something you can buy. Studies have shown that group dynamics not only improves when employees feel a sense of belonging in at work, they also reach their peak performance and would hold more accountability for their duties. Trust among colleagues has to be natured not solely from working together in projects, but also from leisure activities. This is where team-building activities come in. Because of the tremendous effects team-building have on improving relationships among co-workers, it has become an integral part of Human Resources plans and budgets. Here are some reasons why team building is crucial in companies:

1) Team-building encourages teamwork

Remember when your teachers assigned group projects on the first day of class, and you ended up staying friends with your original teammates for the rest of the year? Teamwork can go a long way. It not only yields outstanding results for the company, it also tightens the relationship among employees, leading them to feel trustworthy towards each other. In team-building activities, teams have to come up with a strategy together and execute the plan in order to win a game. This technique is highly applicable to the workplace. In teambuilding, employees will pick up relevant soft skills that enhance work performance.

2) Employees feel appreciated

Essentially, employees will feel appreciated and satisfied when there is more effort and budget allocated to employees’ welfare. Employees want to feel like they have a place in the organization and they are being taken care of, in exchange for their noble services for the company. Organizing a team-building event is one simple, yet impactful way of saying “thank you” to those who have stuck around during hard times. When employees feel valued, they will have more dedication in achieving the company’s goal.

3) Increase motivation and engagement at the workplace

Whether it is taking them on a short getaway from the bustling cities to a jungle retreat or getting them to challenge each other in extreme sports, employees will look forward to a fun trip away from the regular office. They have been held up on a daily nine-to-five routine for months, causing their energy and enthusiasm to deteriorate. A change of environment could help de-stress and de-clutter their mind. They will feel even more excited to unleash their inner child and have a great time.

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