The only time you should stay in your own bubble

Suit up, as Barney Stinson would lament. This holiday season, gather up your teammates for a fun session of bubble battle. Do not get too cozy in these zorb balls, because they are your armour for your battle. Bubble Battle brings lots of joy and fun not only for the players, but for the spectators as well. It is hard to hold back your laughter when petite, puppy-loving Sarah gets sent off to a different dimension after colliding with Tom the fitness-fanatic whose drinks protein-shakes like water.

Here are the different game modes that you can play when you put on these bouncy suits:

Bubble Futsal

1) Bubble Futsal

This game mode is just like regular futsal, but instead of tackling the ball with your legs, you launch your opponent 5 feet off the ground to steal the ball.

Bubble Sumo

2) Bubble Sumo

In this game mode, you dont have to force-feed yourself to gain 100 kg to become a sumo wrestler. The extra padding provided by the zorb ball would be your weapon to push your opponent out of the contender ring.

Bubble King

3) Bubble King

In this game mode, your goal is to by pass the bodyguards and knock down the opponent's king. Of course, that is if they don't get to your king first.

Learn more about our bubble battle package, visit here. Prices start from RM650/hour

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