for teambuilding

Immerse into the serenity of submersing underwater 

RM150/pax for 1.5 hours 

It's easy to communicate in the office,

but how about underwater? 

Scuba Diving is not only a thrilling sport, it is also a challenging activity that could significantly improve teamwork and group dynamics. You will learn to communicate, coordinate and solve tasks underwater, hence strengthening social connections and sense of belonging in the team. Furthermore, you get to quench your curiosity about breathing and staying underwater, indulging new sensations.

It is truly a unique team-building experience.

Benefits of Scuba Diving

Increase emotional well-being 

Improve blood circulation

Relief stress 

Improve concentration capacity 

Reduce blood pressure

Increase strength and flexibility


Do I obtain a certificate after this course?

No, this is not a scuba certification course,

but it can be an introductory one. 

Where will the scuba diving be held? 

It will be held in an olympic sized pool.

How long is the session?

It will be 1.5 hours in water.

What are the requirements? 

The program is for participant above 10 years of age

and in good health condition. 

What does the package include?

It is inclusive of equipment rental, confined water dive,

and PADI Instructor teaching fees.