ATAG Virtual Live Events is a service where our team design, hosts and take care of virtual events for you. Be it an annual dinner, a celebration of Hari Raya, or just a fun game and lucky draw session, we do it all! 

Here at ATAG, we believe that going virtual shouldn't have to discount any effort put into the planning of events, that's why we have a team of experienced planners and executes ready to help you execute the event of your dream.

Our services

Designing and Planning
Keynote Guest Speaker
Live group dance
best dressed
live games
lucky draw
virtual photo booth

Itinerary samples

CNY Event  


Guest Login/Writing down Wishes                      2:30PM - 2:45PM

Welcome Speech by Emcee                                2:45PM - 2:55PM


Live Group Dance                                               2:55PM - 3:05PM


Keynote Speech                                                 3:05PM - 3:10PM


Activity 1 - Charades  (5 winners)                       3:10PM - 3:30PM


Live Lucky Draw  (5)                                           3:30PM - 3:40PM


Activity 2 - Trivia Mania  (5 winners)                   3:40PM - 3:55PM


Best Dressed Award                                           3:55PM - 4:10PM


Live Lucky Draw (5)                                             4:10PM - 4:20PM


Live Games Winner Announcement                    4:20PM - 4:30PM


Closing Speech + Group Photo                          4:30PM - 4:40PM

Annual Dinner


Guest Login/Emcee Welcome Speech                         1:45PM - 2:00PM


Live Group Dance                                                        2:00PM - 2:05PM


Company Video                                                           2:05PM - 2:10PM


Keynote Speech                                                          2:10PM - 2:20PM


Activity 1 - Charades + Pop Quiz                                2:20PM - 3.00PM


Live Lucky Draw  (5)                                                    3.00PM - 3.05PM


Activity 2 - Pictionary                                                  3.05PM - 3.45PM


Live Lucky Draw  (5)                                                    3.45PM - 3.50PM


Activity 3 - Scavenger Hunt                                         3.50PM - 4.20PM


Activity 4 - Mask Fashion Show + Polling                    4.20PM - 4.45PM


Best Dressed Award                                                    4.45PM - 4.50PM


Live Lucky Draw (5)                                                      4.50PM - 4.55PM


Closing Speech + Group Photo                                   4.55PM - 5.05PM


Food Delivery

Lunch/Dinner delivery (Klang Valley area only)

Live Magic Show

@ RM2400

price quoted inclusive 30-45 minutes of live magic show

by Andrew Lee,

internationally renowned Magician (ranked no. 1 in M’sia)


ATAG Virtual Live Event Package  

Pricing: RM 8,000**

  • Pre-event teaser and invitation poster

  • Pre-event activities planning, consultation

  • ATAG Live Lucky Draw System

  • Customized Virtual Photo Booth

  • Activities preparation and management

  • All materials design

  • Handle all backend support 

  • 1 x Live Event Emcee 

  • 1 x Rehearsal Session 

  • Recording of live event 

**Pricing does not include the 10% service fee on total value of prize & vouchers preparation/distribution

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