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ATAG Virtual offers a series of remote team activities which are fun and unique with a goal of maximizing employee happiness, engagement and retention.

As we all know, communication is one of the crucial key we see in a hierarchy. Each team works as a body, from the head to the toe, everyone must be clear to execute what they are supposed to do! With that said, communication is the key to collaborate. You know what they say, "Teamwork makes the dream work!"

Through virtually connecting with one another out of the office, it also helps the team to continue build the bond despite the places and hindrance they face in their daily lives! To actively engage with one another and most importantly, IT'S FUN! 

What exactly is ATAG Virtual? Remote workers or friends groups will experience equal parts of friendship creating and skill building! You and your team will form team, craft slogans, complete in typing speed races, build spreadsheet pixel-art, drawing charades, fold origami, optional burpees and more! At the end of the session, we will be awarding medals to the winners and this time, non-winners too! Because everyone is AMAZING and AWESOME! Duh!


This event is 90 minutes, with additional time as an option for you and your team too! We provide the online Zoom room to cater the best for you and your team!

Tiny Campfires 🔥 

Ever watch a movie and always wanted to be in the woods for campfires? Regardless of where you are located, we are bringing you virtual campfires! The experience starts with camp-style ice breaker questions and small talks, followed with historic spooky storytelling and a real s'mores making session! 

A week before your campfire starts, we would mail a starter pack for all you and your team members! This kit includes a campfire-candle, wood matches, s’more ingredients and team-colors. On the day, we would call along all of you for a 60 minute video call for a virtual campfire session! Best part, it's mosquito-free. 


Online Office Games  

  • 🕒 1.5 hours

  • 👪 2 - 50+ people

  • 🎟️ $$                                        📅 Get Quote

Virtual Campfires 🔥 

  • 🕒 1.5 hours

  • 👪 2 - 50+ people

  • 🎟️ $$$                                     📅 Get Quote

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